About Michiel Vredeveldt

If the picture loads, you will see my face here :-)

Who am I as a person? Well, I was born in the magic George Orwell year of 1984. I am 1.85m. I have lived in a lot of different cities in The Netherlands. When I am not working I spend my time travelling, listening to music, reading, watching these shows and working as a volunteer at Ekko. I try to keep myself updated on politics, world events and of course the latest news regarding technology.

Professionally I am an experienced project manager with a background in online technology, game development, social media and art direction. I am a creative thinker and often have new and relevant ideas for communication strategies. I usually manage a project from start to finish. During the time a project is running, I am able to talk to different players in the field, from the client to the programmer. This among other things involves managing budgets, keeping to a time schedule and working in an Agile environment.

One thing I have enjoyed very much is working in different branches and in different roles, where I always focused on publicity and communication within an organization. I started out as the organizer of the Bevrijdingsfestival in Amsterdam. Here I learned a great deal about planning, event production and developing promotional strategies. I then continued as a publicity manager for the Muziekgieterij, the main music venue in Maastricht. With a very limited budget I was able to build brand awareness and entice people to come visit concerts, workshops, festivals and other cultural initiatives.

Then I decided it was time to turn my work experience into a diploma and I started studying Communication and Multimedia Design. Here I learned a lot more about marketing, video production, game development, graphic design and building websites. When we had assignments I was usually the project leader and I loved coming up with creative stuff to reach our goals.

From there I worked as a social media manager for L1, the regional broadcasting station. I implemented social media in the work processes of my colleagues and created ambassadors for the station through the use of Facebook, Twitter and so on. Following this, all of my experience came together in the building of a news platform. A website, app and social media presence that now reaches almost everybody in the province on a daily basis. I was the webmaster and was responsible for the operation of the whole platform.

After ten years of working and studying hard, I decided it was time to follow my dream and I went traveling through Latin America for a year. When I cam back I moved to Utrecht and started working for the city government of Vianen for some time. In the meantime I (re-)started my own company and named it metDT. The company is doing very well, with lots of different clients. Therefor I very much encourage you to visit the company website too.

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Work Experience

MetDT | March 2016 - (ongoing)

Owner of the company MetDT. Webdevelopment that focusses on custom-made webdesign, digital communication and social media strategies.

Gemeente Vianen | February 2016 - (ongoing)

Webmaster of the city government of Vianen. In charge of the development of the government website, which helps 80% of the citizens to deal with their government-related business. Implementing the necessary security measures and adding functionalities are the main part of this job.

Latin America | December 2014 - December 2015

My dream was to go traveling for a year in Latin America. I realized this dream. Started in Cancun, Mexico, with only a backpack on my back. Thus, I traveled through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

This trip brought me in contact with many other cultures and customs. It also meant that I had to take care of myself in many situations and be creative in my solutions. It has given me a direction. The new energy and inspiration that I have obtained by doing this, I can use towards a new job.

Webmaster | November 2013 - December 2014

1Limburg is the largest news platform of the province of Limburg. It consists of a website, app and various social media platforms. It has emerged from the collaboration between regional newspaper Dagblad de Limburger and broadcaster L1.

During the year that I worked here the platform just started. I was co-responsible for the construction and the launch of the platform. My role was primarily as a link between external contractors and internal departments of the two media companies.

Keywords feature: Scrum / Agile development structure. Online Marketing. Advertising. User-Friendly for editors. UI choices. Drupal. Android and iPhone. Brand development.

Social Media Manager | February 2013 - August 2014

Formulate the company's social media strategy. Improve the website and app. Integrate new media techniques to support work processes.

Producer and radio presenter | January 2009 - November 2011

The production of a weekly radioshow and presenting it. The show was 2 hours a week and focused on the pop music scene in Maastricht. This meant that we had a lot of live music, with which we gave local bands a chance to do their first radio performance. But we also were visited by big , mostly Dutch, artists when they performed in or near Maastricht.

Technical Support Agent | May 2009 - June 2010

Advanced Technical Support of 30+ products Specialties: Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Publicity Manager | September 2007 - Maart 2014

Responsible for concert promotion and the venue's public relations. Using both on- and offline media to promote the whole area of Muziekgieterij's services: concerts, rehearsal rooms and popmusic festivals. With limited budget creating a big impact.

Founder | January 2007 - November 2014

Communication solutions for the cultural and non-profit sectors. Advice about promotional communications and marketing strategies. Also the construction of websites and apps.

PR. Promotion. Festivals. Events. Concerts. Websites. Posters and Flyers. Wordpress.

Co-organiser | December 2004 - June 2006

Supervision interns, Programming, Marketing / Promotion, Amenities, Coordination volunteers.